7 Things People Do that Are Damaging Air-conditioners

People nowadays consider getting air-conditioners to make their homes more comfortable. Air-conditioners are machines that generate cool air inside a room despite heating temperatures outside. Having an air-conditioner at home is an advantage especially during summer. This machine has greatly improved the comforts of staying indoors by providing not only ventilation but also cool and fresh air inside the room.

Air-conditioners can not only be used at home, but it is also used and common in offices, businesses establishments, malls, etc. In today’s modern time almost all public places have air-conditioners installed to provide comfort and cool air to people. Air-conditioners are now becoming must-have appliances for any home and business. Since air-conditioners are becoming common appliances to own, it is inevitable for them to be sometimes neglected and abused. Owning an air-conditioner also takes responsibility, and proper maintenance should be observed to prolong its life.

Here are a few simple things owners do to damage their air-conditioners that most are not aware of doing:

Not Cleaning Filters

Air-conditioners have filters to help clean and filter the air coming into the room. Dust particles can dirty the filters, and when not cleaned it can affect the performance of the cooling capacity of the air-conditioner.

Positioning the Air-conditioner Wrong

Air-conditioners should be positioned in a place where it is not too exposed to harmful elements. Although they air-conditioners are built durably, it is best not to abuse them and place them in places where they won’t be damaged easily.

Keeping the Air-conditioner On for More the Whole Day

Keeping the air-conditioner running without rest can burden the machine and result to it breaking down. It is also important to let it rest and turned for a few hours after long hours of running.

Keeping the Air-conditioner On in an Empty Room

When the air-conditioner is not needed to be turned on especially in an empty room, it should be turned off to avoid it breaking down.

Not Having a Working Thermostat

A working thermostat in an air-conditioner will help it lessen the burden of cooling a particular room.

Not Having Curtains or Blinds to Block Sunlight

The heat coming from the sun needs to be blocked to enjoy the cooling capacity of an air-conditioner effectively. Using curtains and blinds to block sunlight is a great way to block sunlight.

Not Having Proper Maintenance

To avoid problems with the air-conditioner, regular check-ups and proper maintenance need to be observed. Having it checked on an aircon servicing company can guarantee a good maintenance for the unit.

These are among the simple things owners do to damage their air-conditioners. Most people are not aware of their bad practices at home and work and tend to abuse their air-conditioners. Proper steps need to be followed to keep air-conditioners working in top shape. It is advisable and recommended to clean them and observe proper maintenance to prolong its usefulness. Air-conditioners are important today because they not only provide comfort to our space but it also helps us breathe clean and fresh air. Click here to find out more about giving your aircon a long life from the  best aircon service.